We love
fresh produce
Goodness Me

We love fresh produce

Goodness Me brings together a collective of the finest, accredited growers in delivering quality assured, fresh produce.

Goodness Me produce is from good growers who are all doing their part to provide yummy, goodness filled fresh produce…

Sweet baby cherry tomatoes

We love
our cherry toms

The best cherry tomatoes will be sweet, succulent and popping with great taste and goodness. Our Goodness Me Cherry Tomatoes are being picked locally now and are a burst of sunshine morning, noon and night.

To celebrate we have pulled together our favourite recipes that are a perfect pair with our sweet tasting cherry toms.

It’s a spring into spring juice recipe

It's time to
stop the bloat

Did you know that celery has numerous health benefits and is particularly good for aiding in gut health. Insoluble fiber, numerous anti-inflammatory benefits and a high water content, all found in a single celery stalk, are the key ingredients required to naturally clense your insides.

There’s no better way to beat the bloat than with this simple juice recipe – the perfect, refreshingly easy pick me up.