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About Goodness Me

The freshest produce not only tastes good – but it’s also better for you with more vitamins, more minerals, more flavour and most importantly more goodness.

Goodness Me Fresh is a 3rd generation South Australian, family owned business with 40+ years experience operating in fresh produce. The business was founded on consistently providing exceptional customer service in the supply of quality, fresh produce and is accredited and certified in complying with standards as set by SQF, ICG and HARPS Freshcare.

For the goodest produce, Goodness Me Fresh Organics is also accredited through NASAA (The National Association for Sustainable Agriculture, Australia) – the primary organic regulatory body recognised in Australia.

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organic and good for you

Our love for organics was behind our desire to set up our own range of organic produce that was truly organic and independently certified by NASAA. 

Recognising that organics was getting diluted with product that was questionably labeled as organic we felt an immediate need to establish a brand that consumers could trust. Goodness me Fresh provides buyers the assurance and confidence in the produce that they are buying is truly organic.

Under the Goodness Me Organics brand we started packing a range of certified organic produce from a very select group of organic growers. In growing our organics range, as a minimum, every grower bought on board had to have both HARPS Freshcare and be independently certified as organic. In addition growers had to  meet our own stringent standards and share the same ethos and love we had in growing and supplying the very best organic produce. Produce that was not just good for you, but that also had great taste, flavour and freshness.

To this day we still believe that the goodest, freshest produce not only tastes good – but is also better for you with more vitamins, more minerals, more flavour and most importantly more goodness. To ensure consistency of product we maintain a stringent quality check on all Goodness Me Organic lines with produce packed and delivered 6 days a week to ensure our customers receive only the freshest organic produce to shelf.

Looking ahead we expect more good things to come as we continue to extend the range over the next 12 months and beyond.

organic and sustainable

We are lovers of fresh produce and the Australian Horticulture industry with a deep respect for our many growers who are leading the way in developing innovative new farming techniques so we can produce superior produce that is better for you, and better for the land.

Good things come in good packages

For us not only does our product have to be good for our bodies, but the packaging needs to be just as good. 

All our trays and labels are made from plant materials and are 100% compostable. In recognising consumers growing demand for retailers to reduce plastic packaging we are always on the look-out for new eco packaging trends with a firm commitment to reducing waste.