Organic Buerre Bocs Pears – 750g

A crisp, dense pear with a creamy, sweet tasting flesh that’s every  bakers delight.

The Beurre Bosc variety originated in France and has a distinct skin covered with a beautiful, brown russet. This gives the pear a greenish, brown colour that will darken as the fruit matures.

All our pears are grown in the pristine Adelaide Hills, a recognised area of great natural beauty and free from many pests and diseases. Our ideal growing conditions ensure a great tasting, sweet pear that’s all organic.


Pears are not just sweet, refreshing and naturally hydrating, they are also high in fructose and glucose, a source of vitamin C, vitamin K and dietary fibre. In addition, as a hypo-allergenic fruit pears are less likely to cause an adverse food reaction, making them a natural and ‘safe’ solid food to be introduced to infants.


Best stored in the refrigerator to maintain their crispness.