Mint – Bunch

So fresh, so versatile. Use in yoghurt dressings, mint sauces or to garnish Friyah! drinks and desserts.

Generous, leafy bunches with a strong natural flavour and fresh, minty scent.  Add to drinks and smoothies as a summer refresher or infuse in hot water for a soothing, afternoon tea. Complements fresh fruit, salads and gives potatoes a minty pop.

Our range of herbs are locally grown for absolute freshness (picked fresh today and gone tomorrow) with our warm, temperate climate and good soils ensuring we can harvest herbs of exceptional quality to entertain the chef in us all.


Mint provides some manganese, copper and vitamin C.


Store your fresh mint in an airtight container or bag in the refrigerator. When drying, bundle together and hang upside down in a cool, dry place until completely dry.

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